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I do not know what happened to me. But lately I’m beginning to feel pnimat what happens in the new phase of my life. I think this stage is associated with a new outlook on life. I started to think more about the future of the school institute work and family. In general, when I finish school I go to college it will all be different and I will achieve its goals of which we dream.

1-what 2-where 3-who. And other I don’t know, sorry

1. I would buy
a big house and a new car2.I
would talk to him to to improve my language skills3. I would
conjure a lot of sweets4. I would try
to find a way out of the forest5. I would run
away from him6. I would hit
him with something heavy and would call the police7. I would call for help8. I would
start going to the gym№81.Left2.Had called3.Help4.Would have got5.Hadn’t failed6.Would meet7.Got8.Was9.Had been10.Have behaved№12 2.a

Тебе не нужно представлять его.Он настолько незначительный, на сколько он мог бы быть.

I like swimming best of alli like playing the guitarthey like growing exotic flowersi like taking photos of my familyhe likes playing chess with my dedi like drawing funny picturesshe likes dancing best of all

There is much salt in the soup.There are a lot of children in the park.There is a lot of water on the floor.Steve drinks a lot of milk every We’ll have to hurry. We haven’t got much time

Давай играть и говорить.Используйте переведенную информацию